Online Mediation Services

Professional, fast and effective online mediation services, accessible from the comfort of your office or home. Find out how you can save time, money and effort in resolving disputes within the workplace.

Andrew Dane

I am a UK based Workplace Mediator and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

After preparing cases and having represented respondents at over 50 UK employment cases over the course of my career, I have witnessed at first hand the cost and consequences of conflict in the workplace

The adversarial procedures in such cases are both costly and time consuming. Furthermore, they rarely result in either party getting what they really want or need - whilst usually breaking working relationships beyond repair. What a waste!

Convinced of the benefits that mediation can bring to the workplace, I undertook an intensive residential Workplace Mediation Training course, gaining recognition by the Open College Network as an Accredited Workplace Mediator. I am now a member of the Professional Mediators Association.

Recent participation in the Virtual Mediation Lab with mediators from around the world, has also shown me the usefulness and benefits of online mediation.

Is UK Employment law working?

The reasons why online mediation works


All that is required of each party is an Internet Connection, and a PC with Webcam, a tablet or a smartphone.


it is easy for HR Managers and face-to-face mediators to be dubious about online mediation services. The obvious concerns are :-

I had the same concerns until my training. The subsequent positive experiences have left me enthusiaistic and convinced of the benefits. Let me show you how simple this can be.

An invitation

I'd like to invite you to a 15 minute online familiarisation with Zoom, the collaborative software platform that we use for our online mediations. This easy to use software can be downloaded for free at:-

Following that, or if you simply wish to have an informal chat, please get in touch using the contact details provided.